You’ll have access to mechanical engineering advisors for quality academic and career advice relevant to your future. You’ll be able to build a relationship with your advisor to help make the most of your time at Mason.

Connect with Our Faculty for Academic and Professional Advice

Academic advising is a critical part of your Mason experience. It is essential for keeping you on track during your academic career here.

Throughout your time at Mason, you will be assigned a faculty advisor. They will be your resource for any and all matters related to courses/curriculum, policy, and procedure, campus resources, and serve as an overall guide during your time here. They can also provide conversations regarding your future goals, and internships, and discuss the discipline-specific areas within Mechanical Engineering.

You will be notified of your academic advisor your first semester at Mason and are expected to meet with them once a semester and will receive email reminders to do so. The purpose of this meeting is to determine which classes you should take in the upcoming semester and make sure you are on track for your graduation goals. You can also find your advisor’s contact information in Patriot Web. Refer to the Advising FAQ document below for the steps to do so. If you are a declared mechanical engineering major and cannot determine who your advisor is, please email

Advising resources can also be utilized at the College of Engineering and Computing Undergraduate Student Services office. 

Incoming Students

If you are an incoming first year student, there are many things to keep track of before your first day of class. Below is a checklist to assist you with your orientation. 

Math Placement Test

One of the most important items you need to complete before you register for classes is the Math Placement Test. The test will determine which math class you can register for that is appropriate to your skill level. The text can only be taken on campus, so try to take it during your orientation before your registration time ticket opens.

The math classes that you can test into that are relevant to Mechanical Engineering are MATH 008, MATH 105, MATH 123/124, and MATH 113. Depending on which class you test into, your recommended first semester courses will be slightly different. Refer to the Math Placement Test website for more information. Below are sample 4-year study plans based on the different starting math classes:

MATH 008: Algebra Tutorial

MATH 105: Precalculus Mathematics

MATH 123/124: Calculus with Algebra/Trigonometry, Parts A and B

MATH 113: Analytic Geometry and Calculus I

Refer to the Math Placement Test website for additional information. 

4-year Sample Plans by Catalog Year