Mechanical engineers research, design, develop, build, and test such critical devices as tools, engines, sensors, and safety equipment. Their skills are crucial in such fields as robotics, construction, aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, and energy.

"I came to Mason as an undeclared engineering student and decided to join the mechanical engineering program because of the wide range of topics covered in the curriculum. Since my freshmen year, the program has grown rapidly, with state-of-the-art lab space and classrooms now open at the SciTech Campus.

— Mubeen Farukh, mechanical engineering major

Who We Are

Our Department of Mechanical Engineering includes:

  • Expert faculty members working in thermal and fluid sciences, micro/nano mechanics, photonics, tribology, and energy-water nexus.

  • Funded researchers doing life-changing work.

  • Motivated, skilled students.

  • Committed staff members devoted to creating a positive student experience.

  • Passionate alumni creating companies and connections.

  • Smart donors who care about the development of mechanical engineering at Mason.

  • A prestigious advisory board comprised of leaders in their fields.

Our Students

  • Conduct important industry-sponsored capstone research projects.

  • Are highly recruited by employers.

  • Participate in engineering clubs and organizations.

  • Serve the community around them.

“What I like most about the mechanical engineering program is working with all the great students and faculty. Attending a school in the Washington, D.C. area provides many great opportunities including employment and internships.”

— Michael Ambrosio, mechanical engineering major

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