Spring 2024 Seminar Schedule

Seminar Date Speaker Name Seminar Title
1/19/2024 Stephanie Bluth Intro/Resources
1/26/2024 Maynard Holiday ONR Lecture
2/2/2024 Khaled Khasawneh Trustworthy ML: A Computer Architecture Perspective 
2/9/2024 Detlef Knappe Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances in Drinking Water: Community Impacts and Interventions to Reduce Human Exposure
2/16/2024 Julie Sorensen From Cows to Catfish: Health and Safety Adventures in America's Most Dangerous Industries
2/23/2024 Christian Crews Strategizing for the Future
3/15/2024 Rachel Dorsa Fellowships
3/22/2024 Jesse Kirkpatrick Responsible AI
3/29/2024 Steve Kan TBD
4/5/2024 Martell Bell Error 404: Permission Not Found- An Algorithm to Initiate your Own Success
4/12/2024 Celine Hun How Novel Computational Frameworks can Advance Scientific Research
4/19/2024 Sajad Kargar, Rabia Sonmez Student Presentations

Spring 2023 Seminar Schedule

Seminar Date Speaker Name Institution Host Seminar Title
1/27/2023 Fei Wang George Mason University Ali Beheshti Simulation of charge and energy transfer in condensed phase using classical and quantum computer
2/3/2023 Amir Ziabari Oak Ridge National Lab Mehdi Amiri High-throughput characterization for additive manufacturing via CAD-drive, physics, and deep learning based X-ray CT reconstruction
2/10/2023 Sung Hoon Kang Johns Hopkins University Pilgyu Kang Mechanically adaptive materials and structures by coupled mechanical systems
2/17/2023 Elliott J Rouse University of Michigan Quentin Sanders Auctions, preferences, and wearable robots: The development of meaningful exoskeletons and robotic prostheses 
2/24/2023 Maureen Foley NAVSEA Warfare Centers Leigh McCue Composite components for reduced maintenance and total ownership cost
3/3/2023 Steven Holz NASA Leigh McCue NASA aeronautics & opportunities for university faculty and students
3/10/2023 JiaJun Xu University of the District of Columbia Shaghayegh Bagheri Additively manufactured two-phase heat exchanger with nano-enchanced phase change material for space thermal management
3/24/2023 Gabriella Fleming University of Texas at Austin DOIL From research to action: Our collective role in diversifying the engineering professoriate
3/31/2023 Lourdes Salamanca-Riba University of Maryland Pilgyu Kang Nanocarbon metal composites synthesized by electrocharging assisted process
4/7/2023 David Warsinger Purdue University Jeffrey Moran Transport enhancing for the water energy nexus
4/14/2023 Graduate Student Presentations George Mason University Leigh McCue  
4/21/2023 Shila Alizadehghobadi UC Berkeley DOIL Model predictive control (MPC) based optimal control for following a desired trajectory of robots and vehicles
4/28/2023 Mike Reynolds Shell Global Pei Dong Crystal engineering approaches for remediating sulfate scale with green chemical inhibitors
5/5/2023 Leigh McCue George Mason University Ali Beheshti Meeting with Department Chair


Spring 2022 Seminar Schedule

Seminar Date Speaker Name Host Seminar Title
1/28/2022   Nicole Xu Leigh McCue Bioinspired robots and underwater vehicles for real-world applications
2/4/2022   David Saldaña Daigo Shishika Fast Operation and Adaptation Using Modular Aerial Robots
2/11/2022   Quentin Sanders Ali Beheshti Incorporating patient-focused design to engineer the next generation of rehabilitation robotics 
2/18/2022   Zhe Wang Pei Dong Ionic Liquids (ILs)/Electrified Interface Study for the Small Molecule Sensing and Conversion 
2/25/2022   Amir Miranchi Shaghayegh Bahgeri Towards building a clinically-inspired ultrasound innovation center
3/4/2022   Eric A. Silk Pilgyu Kang Overview of Spaceflight Cryogenic System Design at NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center
3/11/2022   Robert Handler Ali Beheshti Vortex-Waves in Viscoelastic Fluids
4/1/2022  Greg Kubacki Ali Beheshti Localized and Atmospheric Corrosion Behavior of Cold Spray deposited Aerospace Aluminum Alloys
4/8/2022   Andrew D. Jones Jeff Moran Old hat, new hat: novel and not so novel reactions of bacteria to nanomaterials
4/15/2022   Leigh McCue   Meeting with Department Chair
4/22/2022   Knox Millsaps Leigh McCue Division of Aerospace Sciences, Air Warfare and Weapons Department, Office of Naval Research
4/9/2022 Mechanical Engineering Students    
5/6/2022 Mechanical Engineering Students