Spring 2022 Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Host Seminar Title
1/28/2022   Nicole Xu Leigh McCue Bioinspired robots and underwater vehicles for real-world applications
2/4/2022   David Saldaña Daigo Shishika Fast Operation and Adaptation Using Modular Aerial Robots
2/11/2022   Quentin Sanders Ali Beheshti Incorporating patient-focused design to engineer the next generation of rehabilitation robotics 
2/18/2022   Zhe Wang Pei Dong Ionic Liquids (ILs)/Electrified Interface Study for the Small Molecule Sensing and Conversion 
2/25/2022   Amir Miranchi Shaghayegh Bahgeri Towards building a clinically-inspired ultrasound innovation center
3/4/2022   Eric A. Silk Pilgyu Kang Overview of Spaceflight Cryogenic System Design at NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center
3/11/2022   Robert Handler Ali Beheshti Vortex-Waves in Viscoelastic Fluids
4/1/2022  Greg Kubacki Ali Beheshti Localized and Atmospheric Corrosion Behavior of Cold Spray deposited Aerospace Aluminum Alloys
4/8/2022   Andrew D. Jones Jeff Moran Old hat, new hat: novel and not so novel reactions of bacteria to nanomaterials
4/15/2022   Leigh McCue   Meeting with Department Chair
4/22/2022   Knox Millsaps Leigh McCue Division of Aerospace Sciences, Air Warfare and Weapons Department, Office of Naval Research
4/9/2022 Mechanical Engineering Students    
5/6/2022 Mechanical Engineering Students