Why Study Here

As a student in our mechanical engineering program, you'll learn how to design and analyze mechanical and thermal systems. Our courses, taught by world-class faculty members, emphasize mechanics, thermodynamics, materials science, systems control, and mechatronics.

"Students in our program design and analyze mechanical and thermal system—skills they can apply to a broad range of fields from aerospace to nanotechnology to the automotive industry."

— Oscar Barton Jr., former founding chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Build the Tools that Shape the Future

Mason’s Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering, as well as a minor in mechanical engineering.

Mason Engineering also has a PhD IT with a mechanical engineering concentration, which is designed for students who want to do research in a number of broad areas associated with mechanical engineering.

Coming in the fall of 2019: a PhD in mechanical engineering. 

When you choose our department, you:

  • Study with some of the best professors in the field.

  • Gain experience working in teams to conceive, design, and produce solutions to sponsor-dictated mechanical engineering problems.

  • Have access to new laboratories, including a lab dedicated to studying fluid mechanics and heat transfer and one for studying mechanics and materials science.

  • Are located in the Washington, D.C., area, where there are many opportunities for rewarding internships, summer jobs, and permanent employment.

If you're interested in hands-on learning, don't mind rolling up your sleeves, and want to think about how things work, consider majoring in mechanical engineering at Mason.

Visit us and discover the benefits for yourself.

Mason Grads Can Build Careers in Many Fields

Mechanical engineers research, design, develop, build, and test critical mechanical devices, including tools, engines, sensors, and safety equipment.

They have skills that are crucial in a wide range of fields, such as aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, computers, construction, consumer products, energy, electronics, government, nano-technology, and robotics.

Information for Prospective Students

“Mechanical engineers are creative people. While at Mason, keep your mind active by joining clubs and doing outside projects. Do everything you can to get out of your comfort zone and learn as much as you can.”

— Kristin Lewis, BS Mechanical Engineering ‘18

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